Psychological Treatment - Counseling & Psychotherapy

Donald J. Franklin, Ph.D. is a NJ licensed psychologist who provides individual, couple and family psychological services to adults, children and teens, using a cognitive behavioral treatment model. He also provides psychological assessment, consulting and counseling services regarding legal matters, which are described under Forensic Psychology services. (see the link in the top menu)

Psychologists provide a broad range of treatment services designed to assist people in managing their lives more effectively, and achieving greater satisfaction with themselves, their relationships, and their careers. Psychologists also provide diagnostic and testing services to help identify psychological problems, assess various psychological variables, and to make recommendations about a person's potential adjustment in a variety of situations. No one psychologist can provide all possible psychological services, and some psychological services are highly specialized, such as neuropsychological assessment and treatment. These specialized services are usually provided by psychologists who limit their practice to that specialized area.

You may scroll through the list of psychological services in the menu to obtain a broad overview of the psychological treatment services provided by Dr. Franklin, or you may link directly to a selected topic for more detailed information. If you want to learn more about Dr. Franklin, please follow the link - About Dr Franklin -  You can link to information about his training and experience, the types of psychological problems he treats, and information about fees, insurance and setting up an appointment. You can also link to a page that compares psychologists and psychiatrists, or a page that describes the requirements for licensing as a psychologist.