Clinical Experience

Private Psychology Practice Experience

Dr. Franklin has been in full time private practice since 1987 providing a wide range of psychological services to clients. The counseling services provided can be divided into two large groups, psychotherapy services provided to individual clients, and family counseling services provided to couples and families, including individual counseling provided to children and adolescents.

Psychotherapy Services

Dr. Franklin has considerable experience treating depression, including clients with mild situational problems to those with chronic, recurrent depression and bipolar depression. He also has extensive experience treating anxiety disorders, using both cognitive and behavioral therapy techniques. He has seen clients with a variety of panic and anxiety disorders, including generalized anxiety, panic disorder with and without agoraphobia, simple phobias, social anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder. He has also worked with clients with obsessive compulsive disorder. This includes experience working with clients with driving anxiety following a traumatic accident, and providing desensitization treatment and relaxation training for a variety of phobic responses. Dr. Franklin also has experience treating personality disorders, impulse control problems and adjustment disorders, including the emotional symptoms associated with chronic illness and disability, and stress disorders arising from problems in the workplace.

Marriage and Family Counseling Services

Dr. Franklin has extensive experience working with couples regarding marriage problems. He provides marriage/couple counseling using a problem solving approach, incorporating both cognitive and behavioral interventions. Common problems include couple communication issues, chronic arguments, child rearing conflicts, step parenting issues, conflicts with extended family, sexual issues, alcohol issues, financial issues, and anger management. Dr. Franklin uses a combination of individual, parent and family counseling interventions with children and adolescents, depending on the age of the children and the type of problem. Typical problems include child and adolescent behavior problems, adolescent life-stage adjustment issues, parent-child conflicts, acting out by ADHD children, parental conflict about discipline, conflict in step families, post-divorce parental conflict, and divorce adjustment issues in children and teens. Dr. Franklin has also provided parenting skills training and parent coaching, assisted in the development of behavioral management plans, provided conflict resolution counseling for parent-child and parent-parent conflicts, and provided therapetic visitation with non-custodial parents and their children to repair damaged parent-child relationships.

Forensic Consulting

Dr. Franklin has experience providing diagnostic evaluations, psychological testing, and counseling services to individuals involved in civil, family and criminal court proceedings. Details concerning his forensic consulting experience can be found in the Forensic Psychology section.

Community Mental Health Experience - Dr Franklin

Dr. Franklin began working in community mental health as a paraprofessional counselor in 1974, while completing his Master's degree. He continued to work in community agencies after completing the Master's degree, and throughout his doctoral training at Fordham University. This clinical experience, under supervision, fulfilled the pre-doctoral and post-doctoral experience requirements for licensing as a psychologist, and provided a broad-based clinical training experience to prepare for private practice. Dr. Franklin provided counseling and psychotherapy in community based treatment programs between 1974 and 1987. This experience includes work in hospital based treatment programs, community mental health centers, and family counseling services. It is best summarized by the different types of responsibilities held:

Clinical Director of Mental Health Clinic

Responsible for all aspects of the clinical mental health services provided in a community mental health clinic, including program development, supervision of senior clinical staff, graduate student supervision, and staff training. Provided diagnostic evaluations, and individual, group and family counseling and psychotherapy services to clients with a variety of psychological problems.

Clinical Supervisor - Mental Health

Provided supervision to mental health professionals, trained graduate students and provided individual, group and family counseling and psychotherapy services to clients. Completed diagnostic evaluations, developed treatment plans as a team leader, and coordinated inter professional liaison with other mental health programs serving similar clients.


Experience providing individual, group, marital and family counseling services to clients in a variety of clinical and family service settings. Experience treating client problems in the following areas: Depressive Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Substance Abuse, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, MICA (Mentally ill and chemically dependent), Personality Disorders, Adjustment Disorders, Impulse Control Disorders, Sexual Behavior Problems, and Psychotic Disorders.

Teaching and Training Experience

Dr. Franklin has experience teaching Child Psychology to undergraduate students. He has also provided training seminars in the following areas:  
               Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy 
               Family Therapy 
               Identification and Treatment of Depression 
               Treatment of Panic Disorders 
               Psychological Child Custody Evaluations 
               Reunification Therapy
               Stress Management 
               Smoking Cessation  
               Diagnosis and Treatment of Sex Offenders