Forensic Psychology Services

Forensic psychology is the application of psychological theory, assessment and methods to legal questions or situations. Dr. Donald J. Franklin provides forensic psychological consulting services and expert witness testimony in the Family, Civil and Criminal Divisions of Superior Court throughout New Jersey.  In Family court, a psychologist may evaluate a divorcing couple and their children to provide information to the court regarding the psychological impact of various custody and visitation options. In Civil court, a psychologist may evaluate the victim of an accident, to assess the extent of emotional trauma, and to suggest appropriate treatment. In Criminal court, a psychologist may be asked to assess whether a person has a psychological disorder that contributed to the commission of a crime.

Forensic psychology is the interface of psychology and the law, but all psychological services provided for the legal community are not forensic psychological services. Most forensic psychologists provide services which are both clinical and forensic in nature. When a psychologist treats an individual who was emotionally traumatized by an accident, the treatment is clinical in nature, designed to assist the individual in recovering from the trauma. But when the psychologist is asked to provide a report for the court, regarding the extent of the trauma, and to assess the psychological damage incurred, then the psychologist is providing a forensic service.

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