Practice Overview

Donald J Franklin, PhD is a NJ Licensed Psychologist who has been in private practice since 1987. Prior to 1987, Dr. Franklin worked in community mental health, as a counselor, clinical supervisor and clinical director of a mental health center.

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Office Locations and Directions – Dr. Franklin has three offices in Bridgewater, NJ, Flemington, NJ and Princeton, NJ. Office hours in each office are arranged according to current client needs.

Health Insurance Information – Dr Franklin no longer participates on any insurance panels. However, your health insurance should cover part of the cost of clinical psychological services, such as individual and family therapy, through your out of network option. All plans are different, and information is provided to assist you in determining your coverage.

Forensic Psychology Services – Services provided because of court issues are often not covered by your health insurance because they are not “medically necessary.” In addition, forensic services usually require preparation of reports, and other consultations that would never be covered by health insurance. Procedures and fees are explained.

Psychology as a Profession - Overview of psychology as a social science and as a health care profession.

Psychology Licensing - Information about the training required to become a licensed psychologist in New Jersey.

Psychologists & Psychiatrists – Dr. Franklin is frequently asked the educational, training and service differences between psychologists and psychiatrists. Basic questions are answered here.

Educational Background – A summary of Dr. Franklin’s education and training.

Experience – An overview of Dr. Franklin’s experience, both in private practice and in public mental health.